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Shop | Organs | Used Yamaha AR100 Organ All Inclusive Top Grade Package

Used Yamaha AR100 Organ All Inclusive Top Grade Package

  • Used Yamaha AR100 Organ All Inclusive Top Grade Package - Image 1
  • Used Yamaha AR100 Organ All Inclusive Top Grade Package - Image 2
  • Used Yamaha AR100 Organ All Inclusive Top Grade Package - Image 3
  • Used Yamaha AR100 Organ All Inclusive Top Grade Package - Image 4
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Our “Top Grade Used Organs” have been carefully selected by our Organ specialist that has been in the trade for over 45 years, working for Lowrey and as a premium Technics, Yamaha and Roland dealer for over four decades. Whilst we may have several examples of the many organs that we sell in stock at any one time, our “Top Grade” examples will be as good a used example that we ever get.

Whilst the cost is a little higher than our “Bargain” price examples, they come as a complete hassle free package that includes a full quality check, a full technical check over by our in house engineer, a matching organ stool, a full set of owners manuals, a set of stereo digital headphones, a full parts & labour guarantee & Free ground floor delivery to most UK addresses.

What’s more we can even take your current instrument as a part exchange and offer a range of finance plans that include low rate & 0% options with up to 48 months to pay. Call Ben, Emma or Chris now on 01702 334488 or email us here with any questions.

The Yamaha AR-100 Electone is packed with many sophisticated functions, yet is amazingly easy to use. It has been fully checked over by our Engineers, and comes complete with a Full 12 Month Warranty, plus a matching stool, headphones, and everything else you might need. Part Exchange and Low Cost Finance options are also available.

Astoundingly True-to-life Sounds. The new AWM (Advanced Wave Memory) tone generation technology gives you 205 exceptionally realistic and natural-sounding Voices. The AR-100 also has special Voice sets for XG, GM (General MIDI) and DOC (Disk Orchestra) song data. To make sure you’re never at a loss for notes, the AR-100 has an amazingly large 128-note polyphonic capacity. What’s more, the touch response built into the keyboards provides full expressive control over the Voices.

Variety of Organ Sounds. The Flute/Tibia and Extra Voice sections give you access to a wide variety of conventional and traditional organ sounds — from jazz and pop to church and theatre.

Instant Registration Changes. The extensive Registration Menu section of the AR-100 gives you instant access to 384 different Registrations, covering a broad range of musical styles. Each Registration features complete Voice and Style (rhythm/accompaniment) settings to perfectly match the type of music. Moreover, sixteen Registration Memory panel buttons let you store your own custom Registrations and call them up instantly as you perform. 

Original Voice Creation. The Voice Edit feature provides simple, easy-to-use voice editing tools for creating your own original Electone Voices. 

Dynamic, Realistic Automatic Accompaniment. The Style section of the AR-100 features 160 specially programmed rhythm and accompaniment patterns — in a wide variety of musical genres. The A.B.C. (Auto Bass Chord) gives you full, exciting instrumental backing — just like a real band — that automatically changes bass and chords according to the chords (and pedal notes) you play. Plus, the Keyboard Percussion lets you assign and play the realistic drum and percussion sounds from the keyboard.

L.M. Split This special function lets you assign different Voices to assignable left and right sides of the Lower keyboard, effectively giving you a “third” keyboard.

Accompaniment Program and Sequence Program. The powerful Accompaniment Program function lets you create your own User Styles (accompaniment patterns) — including drum/percussion, bass, chord, pad and phrase parts. Each Style you create can have different Intro, Main A and B, Fill In, and Ending patterns. The Sequence Program function lets you connect your original User Styles together with the preset Styles to create up to four complete rhythm/accompaniment tracks, which you can automatically play back during your performance. Naturally, you can use the A.B.C. automatic accompaniment features with these Style sequences as well. 

Wide Variety of Digital Effects The AR-100 Voices can also be enhanced with a full range of high-quality effects, including Tremolo (for reproducing rotating speaker sounds), Symphonic/Celeste, Flanger, Delay, Reverb, and Sustain.

Recording of Performances with the Music Disk Recorder The AR-100 also features a Music Disk Recorder (M.D.R.) for recording your Registrations and performances. The recording is completely digital and is stored to disk, which means you can edit it to your liking at any time, and no matter how many times you play it back, it will always sound exactly as you originally performed it. In addition to play of the included XG disk, the M.D.R. can play a wide variety of commercially available song disks, including XG and DOC (Disk Orchestra).

Large Custom Display The large LCD display (along with the dedicated buttons that surround it) provides comprehensive and easy-to-understand control over virtually all of the AR-100’s operations.




Upper: 49 keys (C-C)

Lower: 49 keys (C-C)

Pedal: 20 keys (C-G)

Touch Tone

Initial, After (Upper, Lower)

Foot Switch

[Left] Mode

Off, Rhythm (Stop, Ending, Fill to A, Fill to B), Glide (Upper1, 2, Lead, Lower1, 2; Time); Tremolo

[Right] Mode

Regist. Shift: Off, Shift, Jump, User

Knee Lever

On/Off: Sustain (Upper, Lower); MOC; Lead Slide

Other Controls

Power On/Off, Console Light On/Off, Expression Pedal, Master Volume, LCD Contrast, Display Select, Data Control, Menu, Page, Coarse, Hold, Manual Balance, Pedal Balance


Tone Generation

AWM (Polyphony 128)


205 Voice Menu Voices, Full set of Organ Voices (Flute/Tibia) with Attack/Chiff, Extra Voices

Voices for Playback

XG/GM Voices, DOC Voices *Available only when each sequence data is received/played back



Upper Voice 1, 2, Lead Voice, Upper Organ (Flute/Tibia, Extra)

Lower Voice 1, 2, Lower Organ (Flute/Tibia, Extra) Pedal Voice 1, 2, Pedal Organ (Flute/Tibia, Extra)

Organ Variation

Theatre, Jazz, Electronic, Classical


Pitch, Transpose

Voice Control / Effect


Upper Voice 1, 2, Upper Flute/Extra, Lower Voice 1, 2, Lower Flute/Extra, Lead, Pedal Voice 1, 2, Pedal Flute/Extra: 0~24


Upper Voice 1, 2, Lower Voice 1, 2, Lead, Pedal Voice 1, 2: 4', 8' 16'; Upper Extra (down), Lower Extra (up)


Upper Voice 1, 2, Lower Voice 1, 2, Lead, Pedal Voice 1, 2: 7 Positions


Upper Voice 1, 2, Lower Voice 1, 2, Lead, Pedal Voice 1, 2: -3~+3


Upper Voice 1, 2, Lower Voice 1, 2, Lead: Preset/User (Delay*, Depth, Speed*); Touch Vib.* *for Lead

Lead Slide

On, Knee, Off; Time

Lead Tune


Symphonic / Celeste

Upper Voice 1, 2, Upper Extra, Lower Voice 1, 2, Lower Extra, Lead, Pedal Voice 1, 2: Mode


Upper Voice 1, 2, Lower Voice 1, 2, Lead, Pedal Voice 1, 2: Speed, Feedback, Balance


Upper Voice 1, 2, Lower Voice 1, 2, Lead, Pedal Voice 1, 2: Speed, Feedback, Depth


Upper Voice 1, 2; Lower Voice 1, 2; Lead; Pedal Voice 1, 2; Organ, K.B.P., Effects: Mode, Length, Depth


Upper, Lower, Pedal


Upper Voice 1, 2, Upper Flute/Extra; Lower Voice 1, 2, Lower Flute/Extra; Lead, Pedal Voice 1, 2: Type, Speed, Chorus

Voice Edit

Repeat: All, Twin, Off; Speed; Output Level; Filter: Cutoff, Resonance; EG Rate: Attack, Decay, Release; Name; Save; User Voice 1-16

Melody On Chord

Mode: Off, 1, 2, 3; Knee: On/Off

Lower Manual Split

On/Off; Left (Lower1, 2, Lower Organ; Octave Up); Right (Lower1, 2, Lower Organ); Key set



160 Styles


Intro A, B, Main A, B, Fill In AA, AB, BA, BB, Ending A, B


Rhythm1, 2, Bass, Chord 1, 2, Pad, Phrase1, 2

Auto Bass Chord

Mode: Off, Single Finger, Fingered, Custom ABC; Memory: Lower/Pedal


Start, Syncro Start; Tempo; Bar/Beat LED; Rhythm Volume, Accompaniment Volume; Part: On/Off

Keyboard Percussion

72 Assignable Drum/Percussion Sounds; On/Off;

Lower(LK Preset/User1), Pedal(PK Preset/User2); Assign, Copy, Clear

Accompaniment Program


Section (Intro, Main A, Main B, Fill In, Ending), Beat (2/4, 3/4, 4/4, 5/4, other), Measure (1-8, other),

Name, Metronome (On/Off)

Record (Real Time Recording)

Mode (Rec., Play, Mute, Delete), Part (Rhythm1, 2, Bass, Chord1, 2, Pad, Phrase1, 2)


Part Copy, Part Quantize ( )


User Style1-8, Data All Clear; Voice; Volume; Reverb; Chorus; Pan

Sequence Program

Sequence 1-4; 120 Positions (Measures); Edit: Cursor Controls, Set, Insert, Delete, Clear; Copy

Demonstration Songs

24 Songs; Repeat: All, Random, Single, Off



384 Menus (Organ Preset, Orchestral Preset)


M./To Disk, 1-16; Disable Button; Initial Registration;

Registration Shift

Off, Shift, Jump, User (80 Positions, Cursor Controls, Set, Insert, Delete, Clear)

Music Disk Recorder

Disk Type

Electone, XG/GM, DOC; LED display; Eject; Page Up/Down

Control Panel

Play/Record Part (All, Lower, Upper, Pedal, K.B.P., Control), Stop, Play, Song Select, Record, Custom Play, Retry, Pause, Rewind, Fast Forward, Tempo

Repeat Play

Off, All Repeat, Random Repeat, Single Repeat


Disk Format, Disk Copy, Song Copy, Song Delete, Name, Remaining Memory



Electone, XG/GM, DOC


Upper, Lower, Pedal

Internal / External

Lead, Sync, Exp.


LCD Screen

320 x 240 Dots


MIDI In/Out, Phones, Aux In/Out (RCA; R/L); Mic, Mic Volume, Mic Reverb


XG Song Data Disk, 3.5" (blank) 2DD Floppy Disk, Owner's Manual,

Sound System

Power Amplifiers



30cm x 2; 18cm x 2; 2.5cm x 2; Monitor 5cm x 2 (11-13/16" x 2; 7-1/16" x 2; 1" x 2; Monitor 2" x 2)

Dimensions / Weight


1235mm (48.6”)


614mm (24.2”)


1086mm (42.7”)


119kg (236.4lbs)


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