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Shop | Organs | Used Technics GA3 Organ Budget Price Bargain

Used Technics GA3 Organ Budget Price Bargain

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If you are looking for a bargain used organ, but want to avoid the myriad of pitfalls associated with buying off an auction site or from a private sale, we can help. These instruments have been checked, are in good condition and can be delivered to most parts of the UK, give us a call now on 01702 334488 for more information.

This Organ was a top of the range model costing nearly £10,000 when new.

Ease of use. The Technics Ga3 is still one of the easiest organs to operate with many features aimed at making playing the organ FUN !

Choice of organ types. Whether you like to play jazz organ, pop organ, theatre pipe, or church organ , the organ provides easy setups for you in presets. You have the ability to change the sound with virtual drawbars in the jazz organ section, or select unique sounds like kinura in the theatre organ selection. Up to six extra tab voices can be used in conjunction with the tibias selected.

A wide choice orchestral sounds. In addition to the large choice of organ sounds the Technics GA3 offers some of the best sounds available in reproduction of orchestral sounds. With 12 instrumental sound groups and 200 sounds you will not run short of sounds to inspire you. Grand piano, orchestral strings, classical guitar, amazing brass sounds are only a few of the sounds which will amaze you.

Ease of play. A large easy to read LCD screen keeps you informed of the instruments settings. A help button is available if you need it.

Four types of One touch easy play setups are available:

One touch organ: Enable you to select from the six organ categories a wealth of organ presets which can be set into the organs pistons for future use. You can even select from each category and customise a setup which personally suits you.

One touch registration: This is similar to one touch organ , but with orchestral sounds in mind.

One touch play: This works in conjunction with the formidable rhythm section and helps set up the organ to choose from factory setups which blend well for each of the genres selected. The amazing sound of "Miller " or "Shearing" come to mind.

Music style arranger: This section also work in conjunction with the rhythm section and offers three unique registrations (combination of sounds) for each rhythm selected.

Expression. The Technics GA3 is one of the most expressive organs available, with both velocity sensitive keys ( how hard you strike the key like a piano) and aftertouch which controls effects such as vibrato. Combined with a selection of two footswitches and a knee lever, and a huge amount of amplification , the organ is well equipped for the most demanding of performances.

Sophisticated Chord Recognition. Whether you like to play Big Band Brass, or country the instrument has 13 professional sounding chord systems to enhance the right hand called Techni-chord, based on the chord played in your left hand.

Digital Effects. It goes with saying that the organ has a multitude of reverberation effects, echo phaser etc to suit your taste. Select Large Hall to enhance the the sound of the Church organ for example.

Keyboard Percussion. For those ambitious players you can play keyboard percussion, both to accompany the preprogrammed drum section or to compose your very own rhythm.

Sound creation. For those of you who like to tweak sounds you have the ability to edit existing sounds and save them as your very own custom sounds.

Recorder. For those who like to record themselves there are two types of recorder. One is called EASY RECORD and does just that. The other enables you to record in real or step time individual track as if you were in a recording studio.

Conductor. This very important section enables you combine up to four upper and four lower sounds simultaneously.

MIDI. The GA3 is compatible with both standard and general midi files.

Illumination. The console area can be illuminated for ease of play. and increases the overall appearance of the instrument.





upper 49 keys, lower 49 keys, pedals 13.




Orchestral Conductor


(upper/lower) organ, sound 1, sound 2, sound 3

Sound Group


(upper/lower) 12 groups . (piano, electric piano/ harpsichord, guitar, strings/vocal, brass, flute, mallet, special percussion, reed, sax/clarinet, brass/lead, synth pad ) Total 200 sounds

Organ Group


electronic tabs, drawbars, theatre pipe, classical pipe

Organ Voices (tabs or digital drawbars)


Upper: 16', 5-1/3' , 8' , 4', 2-2/3' , 2', 1-3/5', 1'. Percussive: 4', 2-2/3'.

Lower: 8', 4', 2-2/3', 2', 1-1/3', 1'

Bass sounds


5 groups (organ, classical, standard, orchestral, contemporary) 63 sounds

Sound edit


Easy edit, general, tone, effect, Memory upper two banks x 18, lower two banks x 18 , bass 16



Organ tremolo effect 4 types

sustain upper, lower, pedal



initial, aftertouch.


Digital Reverb


Background Sounds

bird, wave, rain, church bell, applause



14 groups, 140 patterns



start stop, intro, fill in 1 fill in 2, variation , ending synchro and break tempo

Other controls


One Touch Play, Music Style Select, Transpose, Keyboard Percussion,Techni-Chord, Demo

Floppy drive

Autoplay Chord


one finger, fingered, pianist, memory accomp 1,2,3 dynamic

Panel memory


Set, 1- 16



16 tracks, 2800 notes



5 tracks (accomp 1 2 3 , bass, drums)



basic channel, control message, part setting, realtime message, common setting, panel memory output, Midi presets, bulk dump, general midi

LCD display


Contrast, display hold , help, exit



tempo program dial, balance, volume



headphone 1,2 , Line out, Mic, Aux in, Midi



320 watt



126.6 cm



121.7 cm



60.1 cm



104 kg


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