Yamaha Genos Gurus

Genos Gurus On Hand 7 Days A Week

Everyone has a different way of approaching an new instrument, some prefer trial and error, some study the manual, and some find a guiding hand the best route.  Well, if you're one of those that finds a few hints from those in the know a lot more beneficial than burying your head in the book, we can help.  At Allegro Music, we're one of the first UK dealers to run regular technical sessions on Yamaha instruments, and to this day, we pride ourselves on our expertise in this field.  Very often the contact you have after your purchase is more important than before and our Genos Gurus are always on hand to help get to the bottom of any Yamaha Genos questions you may have.





Free Yamaha Tyros/Genos Software Conversion

Have you got a Tyros 5?  Have you got Expansion Packs?  What Happens next?

Don't panic!  If you have a Tyros right now and you're moving up to a Yamaha Genos, but have expansion packs or software you want to keep, we can help.  We have extensive knowledge of Yamahas' "Expansion Manager" software and we will happily help you perform a smooth transition from Tyros to Genos.