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Used Vs New


As a shop which deals in both the latest new products and second hand items across all disciplines, a question that gets regularly asked within our Allegro Music branches is ‘What are the benefits of buying second hand over new?’ (and indeed vice-versa). Dependant on circumstance and situation, both avenues offer up pros and cons, so in our new blog we’d like to kick things off with what we’ve found to be the most pertinent answers in our 30 years of retail experience.


   In terms of choosing a used model over a new, the most immediate incentives generally tend to be price, range of features and looks, especially when looking at electronic products. An ex-top of the line model will 99 times out of a hundred have a better sound and feel than a modern insturment of the same current value. If we consider digital pianos for a moment, then a second hand item will almost always have a more impressive cabinet, larger display, better speakers and more buttons. This is because within a line of products certain criteria do not change, regardless of new technologies or improvements coming into fruition.


   With acoustic instruments, there are certain other factors that might just sway a customer into perchasing a used model. The joy of sitting down or picking up something with a history and a character and little idiosyncrasies is one of the real pleasures of instrurment shopping. Used models give the performer the opportunity to add his or her chapter in the life of an instrument; something which many (including myself) find very inspiring. And they once again can represent great value.


   Bearing that all in mind, some people will always want the security of buying a new model straight from the floor or the factory. Shops such as ourselves and manufacturers have the confidence to give longer guarantees in new insturments. Similarly a range of colours is often available, so even if the player isn’t the decorater, everybody can be happy. For those of us who are technologically minded, there's nothing quite like the thrill of the latest gadget, feature or innovation to get us into a shop and buying/upgrading again.


   Here at Allegro Music we are determined to find the right instrument for you. We will happily demonstrate, inform and advise you on your purchase, but ultimately the decision lies with you. For some people a second hand model is the perfect choice when all things considered, whilst for some a new model will be the only way to go. In either respect, we can help.


   See you in store soon!


Written By Alex Condliffe, Allegro Music Chelmsford

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