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Cort In The Act


About 6 months ago at Allegro Music we took the plunge and decided that we wanted to stock some other brands for our guitar department.

We decided to buy a range of Cort acoustic guitars which we had not had too much dealing with in the past, it turns out in our opinion they are one of the best budget guitars money can buy and here is some information why we think so.


As you know great acoustic guitar tone only comes from a well made instrument, unlike electric guitars where amps and effects provide important enhancements acoustic guitars have a unique voice which is created by the quality of wood and the craftsmanship. Today's great guitar builders use a careful blend of handcrafting along with modern technology. Cort guitars have evolved their guitar building since 1973 their large modern facility utilizes technology to ensure consistency while blending in many important hand crafting steps.

The team starts to focus on a great sounding acoustic guitar at the earliest stage of production by selecting the perfect tone wood. A wide variety of wood is used include industry standards like Engelmann spruce, Indian rosewood, various varieties of mahogany ranging to exotic woods including flame maple Bubinga, black wood, Indian striped ebony. These woods are pecured from around the world and brought in to Corts massive wood storage facility, the well regulated kiln dried woods are often stored for several years under the watchful eye of the Cort team, quality control supervisors check the progress to determine when the wood is ready to be utilized for production.


The range of Cort guitars for purchase is very vast, here are a couple of models which I will break down to show you how good they are,


Lets start with the Cort SFXDAO slim line electro acoustic with built in tuner includes a tasty case too (always a good start) Prices on this model start from £189


So let's start with materials

DAO is the main focus of this instrument, it's a very rich wood and has a lovely eye catching nature, its beautiful yet subtle amber finish grabs you around the collar and pulls you in, and it's truly stunning on first appearances

The top of the SFX DAO (I think) has been through a book matching process the grain equality on both sides of the top is as good or if not up to scratch with a guitar at the £500 mark.

The neck is made from mahogany, 43mm at the nut. 20 Frets

Rosewood Fret board 25.6 scale length with die cast tuners

Not to mention the own branded ceramic pickup with built in tuner, it's a fantastic guitar.

The Cort factory take a lot of pride in the way they join the necks with the bodies I.e. how they are glued and what glue is being used. These Gluing processes take days to complete. I hope I am right in saying that the bodies and necks on the production line do not meet each other until the last minute so that the join between body and neck is absolutely perfect.

The finishing process is the icing on the cake this is where Cort use the human element which every guitar needs to play like a true instrument, Hand finished necks, hand finished bodies ECT is the most important part about a guitar building for me.

The DAO could come under criticism for having a smaller body size, I found the overall tonal range of the instrument to be quite surprising, it has a good range. Its also very loud.

If you're a solo singer song writer/artist or you're a player who wants something smaller to play at home one of the Cort SFXDAO is the guitar for you.

I can't believe it's priced at £189........... absolute bargain

The other models use exactly the same specs as the SFXDAO the wood is how they vary

They also do this model in a few different finishes and woods.

  • Ash
  • Dao
  • Flame Maple
  • Black Ash


If you would like to try one come down to our stores


Written By Andrew Fieldwick, Allegro Music Westcliff

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