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July 2014

  • Valve Amps Vs Solid State Amps
    A  lot of you may be wondering what the difference is between a valve amp and a solid state, some of you may not be aware of the difference...
  • Buying A Beginner Piano
    When it comes to people looking to buy their first ever piano, there is always that uncertainty as to whether they think they should start off small with something like a basic keyboard that is cheap and doesn’t take up too much space, or whether they should jump into the deep end and go the whole nine yards with a full size piano...
  • What Strings To Use?
    One thing we always get asked, perhaps more often than any other enquiry, is 'What strings should I use?' The honest answer is whatever you are most comfortable with, though there are some things to think about...
  • The History Of The Synth
    The Synthesisers we know today have come a long way from their unusual beginnings...
  • Used Vs New
    As a shop which deals in both the latest new products and second hand items across all disciplines, a question that gets regularly asked within our Allegro Music branches is ‘What are the benefits of buying second hand over new?’ (and indeed vice-versa)...