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Yamaha Genos Software Conversion



Allegro Music have programmed software for Yamaha instruments for many years that has been used by home players and professionals alike, to add an extra dimension to their instrument and playing. And now, we bring that expertise to the world of Genos, with our exclusive “GenoStick”, featuring over 100 registrations that cover music from the Great Classics, to Modern Pop Tunes, with everything else in between included for good measure.

With our “GenoStick” we have created a series of registrations that not only enhance some of the already fantastic new styles found on Genos, but also brings some truly original new takes on some of the legacy styles, making popular tunes sound better than ever before. On board you will not only find our take on some of the most popular registrations that keyboard players ask for year after year, but also, some unusual and less heard tunes that will instantly reunite players with a specific tune or era.

Every single registration has been named to help give you a clue as to the tune to be played, but a full contents list, complete with suggested tunes is also supplied. We have also included a selection of the most popular registrations in the “Song section” where we have recorded a small section of the tune to give you an even better idea of how to get the most out of the chosen set up.

As an added bonus, we have also included some professional quality “Audio Files” that you can simply listen to, or choose to play along to, these are full tunes and sound simply amazing. We hope you will enjoy our ,“GenoStick” and remember, it’s completely Free with most of our Genos packages and comes supplied in our exclusive “Genos Accessory Bag” all helping to make Allegro Music, the very best partner for your Genos purchase.




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*GenoStick is included in many of our Genos packages, both online & in-store, however some discount packages do not include GenoStick