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Yamaha and Casio keyboards are renowned for their out-of-this world sounds, realistic acoustics and forward-thinking technology.  There is no doubt that Yamaha and Casio are two of the most impressive and respected manufacturers in the world. Prices start from under £100 for the Yamaha PSR and Casio CT ranges, so even the most cash-strapped keyboard player can sample the delight of a new keyboard.  

The Yamaha EZ and Casio LK ranges offer great keyboards for a beginner, starting from under £100, these keyboards off intuitive key lighting and fingering guide for an easy learning experience. The Yamaha PSRE and Casio CTX ranges were created to offer the progressing player great sounds and styles at affordable prices, powerful stereo speakers ensure you're fully equipped to teach yourself to be the pro arranger you've always wanted to be.  If you're a seasoned professional, however, and want to get your hands on a truly exceptional piece of gear, take a look at the stunningly crafted Yamaha PSRS, Tyros and Genos ranges. 

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Yamaha EZ-220 Keyboard Yamaha UK Reboxed Stock
Yamaha EZ-220 Keyboard Yamaha UK Reboxed Stock
RRP £232.00 £181.00
Yamaha EZ-220 Keyboard
Yamaha EZ-220 Keyboard
RRP £232.00 £206.00